Monday, February 1, 2021

Micro Mention "The Collapsing Empire"

John Scalzi

Between "The Collapsing Empire" and "Redshirts," no one writes a better prologue than John Scalzi. On the shitiest day, I can always reread these, and the day is better—well, funnier, at least. Nothing is actually better, but you get my point, and Wil Wheaton's delivery is on point in the audiobook.

Prologues aside, Scalzi's sci-fi is equal parts soft sci-fi epic and humorous adventure with poignant interludes. If you've ever watched "Guardians of the Galaxy," of the books of his that I've read so far, they all feel like that. There is just something about the irreverent way he writes both the dialogue and narration that is unbounded and, above all else, fun. 

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