Monday, June 21, 2021

Micro Mention "English In America: A Linguistic History"

English In America: A Linguistic History

This course by the great courses “English In America: A Linguistic History” taught by Natalie Schilling is one part engaging history of the English language in the United States and one part fascinating survey of regional dialects and their features.

People have strong opinions on linguistics and what is and isn't "proper" English, and they usually all have one thing in common; they've never attended a lecture from a "proper" course on linguistics. I was surprised with this course, and others I've taken on the topic, that real linguistics professors tend to be way more laid back about the subject of what is and isn't the proper way to use a language. It makes sense when you consider that languages are like everything else. They change and evolve to better suit the times—and that is a good thing!

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