Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Micro Mention "Auberon"

James S.A. Corey

With “Auberon” done, I have to say the man with the Titanium arm is the best—think of the arm-wrestling tournaments. But now I’m out of The Expanse novels and novellas, so it’s time to return to screaming futilely at the sky until James S.A. Corey finishes the next one.

Of the expanse novellas, "Auberon" is my clear favorite. It takes a minor character I liked from the main series and greatly expands on his golden years as a mob boss with an entire colony world under his thumb. Normally, you'd think that would make him the bad guy of the story, and maybe it does from some people's perspective. I, however, felt that this short story had a "Casablanca" feel to its narrative.

Anyway, I know I bang on about this a lot, but an element I really enjoy about the audiobook version of this story is the intro and outro music, before and after the story. A lot of audiobooks do this, and usually, it's just a nice garnish, but in Auberon's case, I really feel like it adds to the atmosphere of this short Sci-Fi story.

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