Monday, March 29, 2021

Micro Mention "The Fountains of Paradise"

 Sir Arthur C Clarke

Typically the classics of science fiction are known for their big ideas and dedication to hard science fiction, rather than plot and character development. Still, that last chapter of “The Fountains of Paradise” by Arthur C. Clarke got me right in the feely bits.

This is a story about building a first-ever of its kind mammoth construction project. What is that project? The first space elevator. Clarke goes into great detail about the challenges of building such a device and what its advantages would be if it were constructed, and I know of several sci-fi novels that took his cue after this book was written. 

I didn't expect how the story in the later bits would turn into a disaster rescue story, and the creator of the space elevator himself would have to use his knowledge of his creation to save a crew stranded miles up in the air on the elevator. The story took a real unexpected emotional turn for me in the closing pages that I really enjoyed.

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