Monday, October 25, 2021

Micro Mention "I Will Teach You to be Rich"

Ramit Sethi

We could all use a little help with our finances, and Ramit Sethi can give you some great advice in "I Will Teach you to be Rich," or at the very least, help you to start tackling some of your biggest financial problems.

So this might come as a complete shock to all of you, Obscurists, but I actually don't survive alone on blogging—I know—revelatory. I went to school for journalism and loved the traditional news so much that I quickly graduated from college and got a job as a banker. And that's just what I've been doing since college to pay the bills.

I wouldn't say banking is my passion in life, but I've learned a lot from it, and I feel that I am good at being a banker. Primarily, I've learned that most people have a woefully poor understanding of how to manage their finances. Sethi didn't actually teach me anything I didn't already know. Still, I can tell you that if you're in over your head with just avoiding overdrafts on your checking account, this book is a great place to start piecing your financial future together.

I'd say you could contact me for banking advice, but did I say I was a banker? I meant to say that I'm a baker, also I'm a terrible baker, so don't ask me for advice on that front either. Everything I bake comes out charcoal briquette black. If that's, for some reason, your goal, the recipe is simple. Step one, set food on fire. Step two, there is no step two.

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