Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Micro Mention "Rising Sun"

Michael Crichton

"Rising Sun" by Michael Crichton is a slog. It is superficially a murder mystery, but in reality, it's just a shrill economic scree about the Japanese usurping America economically in the '90s. Published during Japan's lost decade, I've never seen someone ending up so spectacularly wrong.

I talk about this more in my full review of this book, but it really is its defining feature. What Crichton was after, in my opinion, was to use fiction as a metaphor for a problem he thought he saw that wasn't being taken seriously enough. Then he'd seem like a wise prognosticator.

What happened, as its assumptions washed away like a sandcastle at high tide, is this book becomes less clarion call and more panicky pandering to the worst of human impulses, the reflexive hate of the other.

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