Monday, November 15, 2021

Micro Mention "The Minimalist Way"

Erica Layne

Interested in minimalism? "The Minimalist Way" by Erica Layne. Minimal post.

...okay, so, a bit more. I've personally been interested in the concept of minimalism since about 2015. My interest in the topic stems from multiple reasons, my personal economics not the least of them. This may come as a shock to you, but an extremely bookish blogger isn't typically the wealthiest of individuals, and I have never been rich in life. So learning to appreciate less helps to soothe both mind and soul.

The biggest reason is that minimalism is another way to streamline one's life. I am constantly looking for ways to focus more on what is important to me and simply let go of what isn't. It isn't easy since modern life insists that everyone should want more stuff, more things, more, more, more. But it is gratifying when you can just get off that hamster wheel and go spend your time with what you want to spend it with instead of what you're told you should wish to have. 

Hard work is fine and can be rewarding, but what are you working toward? Buying an even bigger house to store your stuff, neither of which you spend much of your time with because you're always working, or maybe it's so you can eventually pursue your passion? That's what I mean by streamlining.

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