Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Micro Mention "The Addictive Brain"

Thad A. Polk

Addictions come in many forms—often, they have tragic consequences on our lives or maybe the lives of our friends and families. In this course by The Great Courses, "The Addictive Brain," lectured by Thad A. Polk, there is great insight to be had about why we become addicted.

This is one of those topics I find everyone has an opinion on, informed or not. Often it's lumped in with a discussion about low-income housing or welfare, again, informed or not. Typically, it gets oversimplified to "well, just don't do it, and you won't get addicted." But one of the things I learned in this course is how the mechanisms of addiction are far more nuanced and complicated, which means that simple solutions don't actually cut it.  

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