Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Micro Mention "The Home Front: Life in America During WWII"

Audible Original

World War 2 was an incredibly destructive event, but it was no picnic back on the home front either. In the audible original “The Home Front: Life in America During WWII,” you can get a sense of the heroic and, sadly, some not so heroic American actions during & after the war.

I’ve thought a lot about, talked a lot, and even written a lot about the Second World War on this blog, and I think, more than any other event in the modern era, no event has shaped our world more than it. Certainly, other events before and after helped to shape the present, but it’s almost like there is a clear dividing line in modern history that even World War One didn’t quite define—not like the second one. The world was one way before the war and quite another place after it.

My suspicion is it’s because as we settled into the cold war, we collectively realized as a species that we now had the means to end civilization and extinguish ourselves with nuclear weapons. It’s hard to grasp, to even approach, that we seriously considered suicide for decades—generations—as a species.

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