Monday, January 17, 2022

Micro Mention "Dawn"

Octavia E. Butler

I haven't read the rest of the "Xenogenesis" trilogy yet. Excuse me if this is addressed later—but I found the humans' distrust for the aliens wearying in "Dawn" by Octavia E. Butler. Like, yinz all destroyed yourselves, these nice aliens didn't need to pull over to help.

Sorry, my Pittsburghese slips out when I'm frustrated.

But the gist of this story is humanity destroyed the Earth in a cataclysmic war, and essentially the planet was rendered unlivable. This is related to us via the principal protagonist, a human woman rescued by aliens. The aliens even have a plan to help the survivors.

What follows is an entire novel complaining about the aliens and how they choose to help, mainly along the petty lines of it is "icky" and "that's not how humans do things."

I'm sorry, but beggars can't be choosers, and people who just destroyed their own planet don't get an equal place at the table to lecture everyone about, "well, this is how people do things."

So yeah, in this first novel, at least, I'm on the aliens' side of this argument—humans are quarrelsome and dumb.

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