Monday, January 24, 2022

Micro Mention "Old Man's War"

John Scalzi

"Old Man's War" by John Scalzi blew me away. I've been a Scalzi fan since reading "Red Shirts," and I thought I knew his writing pretty well, but man, this book was next level and took me by surprise. I'm kinda kicking myself now since it's been in my library for a couple years before reading it.

What bums me out is that I've read a few books from Scalzi, which were published later in his career than this novel, and I liked them, a lot even. However, I didn't love them like I did with this book. For example, I can remember John Perry, in clear detail, even after months after putting this novel down and writing my full review here. But I can't actually name any of the protagonists of "Red Shirts," which was a funnier book, sure. Also, I can't remember any of the protagonists' names from "The Collapsing Empire," either. That's a disturbing trend. 

This makes me wonder, is it really accurate for me to call myself a "fan" of Scalzi's fiction, or do I just like it a lot in the moment? Because there is a difference.

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