Monday, July 19, 2021

Micro Mention "Fully Present"

Sue Smalley & Diana Winston

Mindfulness is a practice we could all use a little more of—so why not start with this book, "Fully Present," by Susan L. Smalley, PhD and Diana Winston.

Personally, like anyone who fancies themselves a creative, I strive to get the most out of my mind. I'm constantly considering what works, what can I be doing better, am I utilizing my time wisely, am I wasting my time—and so on, and so on. So being present in the current moment and taking it in doesn't always occur to me. But I've found that some of my best creative ideas have come when I least expect them, not working but just being out for a walk and considering the river.

As far as I can tell, the mind, in general, needs several different inputs and outputs with variety to stay healthy. This book helped me get out of my typical always grinding, always planning and strategizing to just observe things as they are.

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