Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Micro Mention "Hamilton: The Revolution"

Lin-Manuel Miranda & Jeremy McCarter

I loved "Hamilton" the musical, so I was over the moon to listen to this book, "Hamilton The Revolution," by Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jeremy McCarter, to get all the background information about it that any obsessive nerd could possibly want.

It's incredible how this show managed to revitalize my interest in this period of American history and underline values from all the way back to the founding of the union that still persist today. Though, I sometimes worry that not every American values the principles of democracy as much as they should today.

Plus, despite listening to the whole show numerous times, beyond counting, I find myself listening to the songs today as if I hadn't heard them all a million times before. I still pick up subtle things I hadn't appreciated before, but this book is also a bit of a cheat sheet. So if nothing else, I'd suggest picking it up for that reason if you're a fan of the musical.

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