Monday, January 4, 2021

Micro Mention "Galaxy Outlaws"

So this year, I'm starting a new feature on Writing in Obscurity. I try to talk about every book I read, at least in short form, on Twitter, even if I don't intend to write a full review. I am also aware that not every reader of mine follows me on social media and will never have a Twitter account. So today, let me introduce to you my new feature—Micro Mention. Visit Writing in Obscurity on Mondays and Wednesdays, and you'll get this shorter feature, where I still tell you about a book in brief, and you get to avoid my prolixness on Friday, unless, you know, you're into that sort of thing, and I'm really hoping you are.

So for our first Micro Mention, “Galaxy Outlaws” is an epic experience in story and scale. I can say that never before did an author’s note by J.S. Morin and a narrator’s note by Mikael Naramore hit me so profoundly. 

It's a "Firefly" like space opera, centering around a band of perpetual down on their luck outlaws with hearts of gold—but with wizards! Wizards are what make faster than light travel possible, and as a way of explaining FTL, wizards make everything more fun.

J.S. Morin is also one of those authors who is one of my personal heroes simply because of how amazingly prolific he is, and I've never read anything from him that I didn't at least enjoy. So why not visit him at I bet if you like science fiction or fantasy, he might have something for you.

J.S. Morin


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