Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Micro Mention "Scattered Suns"

Kevin J. Anderson

“It’s not everybody who gets a chance to have their name misspelled in the history books” is one of the most badass quotes I’ve ever heard courtesy of “Scattered Suns” by Kevin J. Anderson. I've been reading through “The Saga of Seven Suns” now for a couple of years, which for a book series about a suitably epic sci-fi story seems appropriate.

Anderson, also writes in the “Dune” series, originally created by Frank Herbert, and the parallels in style and tone are pretty clear to me between his standalone work and “Dune.” What I'm saying is if you're an old school “Dune” fanatic, then you'll probably love “The Saga of Seven Suns.” Personally, I have always liked “Dune,” but I would say it would be a misrepresentation to call myself a fan. I feel we use that word wrong, “fan” is short for fanatic, and the term “casual fan” makes absolutely no sense to me.

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