Monday, August 2, 2021

Micro Mention "What Branches Grow"

T.S. Beier

“What Branches Grow” by T.S. Beier scratches that “Fallout” itch if you’re a video gamer or “Mad Max” if you’re a movie aficionado. Still too obtuse? It's kickass post-apocalyptic Sci-fi, and it’s a fun read.

This was actually the first book I picked up when I decided to dedicate at least one review each month to an indie author, rather than when I unintentionally happened upon one and reviewed it. It was an excellent first book for that challenge, it's been more than half a year since I finished reading this novel, and I still find myself thinking about its story and characters from time to time.

The broad strokes of Delia's and Gennero's journey through Beier's fictional wasteland are still clear in my mind. I think why it sticks in my mind is because of its Oregon Trail-like aspects to its story. There is something timeless about people banding together to travel to a distant land out of the hope for a better life. Strictly speaking, they aren't pioneers or settlers because their ultimate goal is a city, which survived the war and not a new land.

You can check out my original full review of this novel: Here!

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