Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Micro Mention "Abaddon's Gate"

James S.A. Corey

I'll admit that when I first read "Abaddon's Gate" by James S.A. Corey, I didn't know if I liked it quite as much as the first two books in The Expanse series, but with a bit of time and retrospective, it has really grown on me. 

It introduced one of my favorite Expanse side characters, Bull, who recently made it into season five of the show. Not trying to spoil the show too much here, but with how they used Bull in season five, I have no idea why he isn't in season six. 

They had a need that his character filled. He clicked right into the story, and then poof, he's gone after the last episode of season five. No explanations were given. The need his character filled is still there. They just decided, "eh, Holden can do it." No, Holden can't do it! Holden is the captain, and captains can't do everything on the ship, or else there would be no point in having a crew and being a captain!

Sorry, I get fired up about this injustice to my boy Bull.

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