Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Micro Mention "Billie Albatross And Her Time Traveling Mom"

Thomas Hansen

"Billie Albatross and Her Time Traveling Mom" by Thomas Hansen is a fast-paced sci-fi novel with sharp dialogue and is certainly worth reading, especially if you can get it on kindle unlimited.

With a bit of time and distance from this story since I reviewed it in full, here, I still remember it fondly. Hansen created a simple plot to follow, but that in no way means that the story wasn't robust or that the characters weren't memorable.

What I think shines the clearest in my memory of the story is the dynamic between Billie and Pandora, which makes sense since Pandora is Billie's mother and, well, the title. But obvious statements aside, I think it's so gripping because I find that in most fiction, and not just in books, it feels like there is a deficit of dynamic and ultimately healthy mother-daughter relationships. It certainly isn't unheard of but compared to father-daughter stories, it's less common. I don't think I was consciously aware of how much I lacked that particular story beat in my reading until I read "Billie Albatross And Her Time Traveling Mom." 

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